Friends ”Old Ocean Research Center”

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Friends ~850 pieces ~24 hours Feb. 2017

Olivias aunt is an ocean biologist. She works at the Hearthlake Ocean Research Center that is built into an old Boathouse at the coast of Hearthlake City. She has a lot of work to do and unfortunately her colleague got sick. Also there is a mysterious illness on the sea animals that she needs to find a cure for. So she calls the LEGO Friends Girls for help and we send Olivia (for the science) and Mia (for the animals) on a mission full of adventure, science and animal care taking 🙂


  • Detachable/Interchangeable boats landing stage
  • Detachable first floor with openable roof
  • Detachable/Interchangeable big aquarium with research on top. (alternative builds could be a waterslide from the tower into the aquarium/pool)
  • Ringing bell tower and spinning wind sign chicken
  • Zip line can be attached from the bell tower to the tree on the little island so the girls can slide over to rescue the lost cat (just example)
  • Jetboat with camera to photograph animals
  • Surf stand
  • Little adventure island
  • Research equipment and turtle holding area with big aquarium

Sticker areas:

  • Over the main entrance behind the white microscope sign. A sticker that says “Hearthlake Ocean Research Center” or similar.
  • “Welcome to” sticker on the white upfront sign on the boats landing stage
  • Stickers/prints on the images on the wall in the dorm room, first floor above the beds.

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